Just like clothing fashion trends, web design trends come and go. You may be more apt to want to stick with more classic designs, or you may want to be on the cutting edge of the newest ideas in web design. Either way, when it comes to doing design work for clients, it’s helpful to know what the most popular current designs are.

Here are 5 of the most popular web design trends of 2016:

·        Cards

This organization method was made popular by social media sites like Facebook and Pinterest. The idea is that the page has information organized into different containers (or cards). Because of the popularity of card-based websites (Facebook in particular), consumers are comfortable with this design. They find it to be less intimidating. Like it or not, social media is, across the board, changing the way that people like to view data.


·        Minimalism

Think of the design of Apple’s website (or its products and packaging, for that matter). The heavy use of negative space forces the eye to focus on only the most important information. Now imagine a home page that contains a link to every page within the site. While these two sites host the same amount of information, the first is easier for most consumers to navigate, and it is more visually appealing.


·        Fonts

Many industries and companies have become attached to a specific typography. Think about the Google logo. Can you imagine the colorful sans-serif font? Did you know that Google actually uses a tailor-made typography for its logo? It’s true! And they’re not the only ones. Think about the logos of Hulu, Shutterfly, and Disney. Font styles, especially custom fonts, have continued to grow in popularity this year.


·        Color

Each year, web design colors get more vivid and bright. This trend is continuing in 2016. Many clients are looking for images with bright, high-contrast colors. When selecting colors, try to choose hues that reinforce the client’s service and industry. For example, consider the different colors that might be used for a modern interior design company versus the colors that would fit a children’s clothing boutique or a pet store.


·        Hero images

If I had to choose a single trend that epitomizes 2016, I would have to choose the hero image. These beautiful, wide images are often placed at the top of a web page, with text and menus beneath them. While a web surfer’s initial reaction is positive when confronted with such an image, the user may or may not scroll down to see further content. An alternative is using a full screen background image with a contrasting header and minimal menu items overlaid on the image itself. Either way, the visual is sure to dazzle viewers.


You’ve probably already come across a high demand for the trends listed above. One more thing that I’d like to add is this: while these design strategies may be visually stunning, they may also scream, “I’m a brand new business!” This may or may not be the desired effect. If a client asks you for advice, I believe that’s something worth mentioning. It will enhance trust and creditability, and it will also help you pinpoint the best design option for the client.

Now that you’ve read about these designs trends, it’s time to update your portfolio. Make sure that your potential clients know that you are able to meet and exceed their web design needs. If you’re a freelancer, this will help set you apart from others who have been in the business for a while and haven’t taken the time to keep their portfolios up to date.

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