A Few Words

My name is Lou Ann, and I am a freelance web designer.

Okay, that wasn’t supposed to sound like we’re at an AA meeting. Let me try again…

I am a professional web designer, and I want to welcome you to my blog. Much better.The purpose of this blog is to talk about the life of a web designer. As web designers, we all go through similar trials and victories, but a lot of us, especially the freelancers, are isolated from our colleagues; therefore, we never really get to talk about these things and support each other. In fact, many of us might have a PTSD flare-up at mere mention of the word “support,” remembering our many years in tech supportbeforewe became web designers. (After all, what else can you do fresh out of school with a computer science degree?)

I believe that I am qualified to talk about these topics because I live them every day. I’m not new to the web design game or to the IT field. Further, and you may or may not hold this against me, I’ve got a computer science degree, so I’ve some credentials to back me up. There was a time when I was in a classroom (usually a virtual classroom) with likeminded people discussing some of these topics. Perhaps more significant are the topics that don’t get discussed in such a classroom. Why is that? Just something to think about.

Basically, this blog is a place for you—a web designer—to check in periodically and read about me—another web designer—and my daily experiences in the business. Here are some things that I want to explore and write about:

  • Managing freelance clients and their expectations (and revisions!)
  • Whether or not full time web design jobs exist, and what they are like
  • Freelance life and how much you really need to make to account for not having benefits
  • Current trends in web design
  • Formal education vs. being self-taught
  • The best certifications to have and the best languages to know in 2016
  • The next career step after web design

These are topics that we don’t get to talk about much, but they go through our minds every day. Every time I look at job boards, I wonder, “Should I learn this new language?” Whenever I receive an unusual design request, I ponder, “How much is the right amount to charge for this?” And as I hear and read about the demand for certain IT services (app development, cyber security, etc.), I ask myself, “If this is something I want to try, what is my next step?”

You may be asking some of the same questions. That’s great! You’ve come to the right place. My blog is written by a web designer andfor web designers. It is a place to explore all of the options. It is also a place where you will be able to find common ground—someone who has the same daily struggles that you have—as well as some solutions to these challenges.

I hope that you enjoy reading my blog and that it provides you with a nice distraction as well as some encouragement.

Personal Blog of Web Designer – Rants About Design, Trends, and Jobs etc.

Hi there! Well, Web Designing is by far the most popular practicing field nowadays and I am here just to provide you with some professional and quality designing trends and the jobs related to web designing as well as tips and tricks that very less people will want to share with you. I will share the best designs to inspire you for creating your own website and the latest trendy designs that are going to help you achieve the rankings you desire sooner than you’ve thought of.

I would like to introduce my developing phase to you as well. I started designing website when I was doing my bachelors and aimed to take this designing to my part time job which I achieved in man-with-laptop-481x420-1024x1024almost a year after starting it. The most interesting part in this was that I did not have to spend a single penny because I had started this as one of my hobby. The way I went about it was watching tutorials and going through various forums and designed few designs on local host but after that I decided to get live now and so began my career as well, as a freelancer and I was able to earn a good reputation in just a few months. I intended to tell you all about this because I thought that this type of stuff always make it more inspiring to work.

Now, why I chose web designing? The interesting thing about web designing is that it is the future! Yeah you’ve heard it quiet right. Internet nowadays is full of bloggers and other information providers which makes it perfectly true that everyone needs a website for themselves that will be according to their niche. I want to do just that. Give a proper guidance and way out to start your things up and get going. What latest trends you should follow or what type of cool codes you can adopt or what software you should work with as well as the ways that can earn you a competitive advantage and competitive edge over your other competitors. I will want to share with you the information and resources or assets so that you can get motivated by discovering and digging up the information. I also aim to appreciate the work of those developers who have put some real efforts in their designing and development phases just to give an idea of what things you can achieve with web designing. Education is the thing that will guide you from scratch to professionalism; and in the light of this I believe that if I am able to provide necessary and adequate information about designing, more and more people will try to make the best out of the knowledge. But to make it interesting, I aim to provide the perfect type of information blended with inspirations so that you won’t lose hope while designing your website or if you are not a designer, then at least it will make you think about designing websites.