Q: What do you believe you’re qualified to write about the topics in this blog?

A: In any field, a person is considered an expert only when that person has a balance of education and hands-on experience. Personally, I’ve got a computer science degree, and I have been working in the IT field for many years. After starting off in tech support, I gradually built up my freelance web design business. Therefore, I’ve got an education as well as a variety of relevant experiences.


Q: What are some options for turning a web design career into something else within the IT field?

A: It depends on how much climbing you want to do. A natural next step would be learning some web development. If you want to take a bigger leap from there, learn other programming languages. If you want to go all the way and help to fill a growing need, you could learn coding and networking and try for a job in cyber security.


Q: What are the most frequent complaints you get from web design clients?

A: The biggest complaints I get are that I’m taking too long, that there’s not enough communication, and that the client doesn’t have enough control of the website after I’ve handed it off to them.


Q: What tips would you give someone who is trying to get a full time job in web design?

A: First, get your materials together. Make sure that your résumé and portfolio are able to represent your skills and experience and your best work. Second, at your interview, dress nicely and be on your best behavior. Third, be prepared to ask good questions if given an opportunity. Fourth, don’t be shy about promoting yourself. Fifth, always send a thank you email to everyone involved in your interview. This will help to set you apart from your competition.


Q: Is freelancing the right choice for all web designers?

A: Definitely not. If you want to be a successful freelancer, I recommend that you do an inventory of your personal work style as well as your needs. Here are 5 points for you to consider:

  1. Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit?
  2. Are you self-motivated enough to be your own boss?
  3. Will you be able to run your own business? This involves being able to market yourself and being able to negotiate with clients.
  4. Do you have the time and dedication necessary to put into your work?
  5. What are your immediate and long-term needs?


Q: Do you have any tips for managing a caseload and keeping clients happy?

A: Yes. I think it’s often difficult for us creative types to organize our work lives. Here are my tips for managing your caseload and keeping your clients (or your boss) happy:

  • When prioritizing tasks, follow a “first in, first out” policy.
  • Always back up your work.
  • Use a calendar to help relieve your stress and to allow you to give clients accurate time estimates.
  • Communicate with your clients (or boss) regularly over the course of a project.

Why you love web designing so much?

Well, the interesting thing about web designing is that it is the future! Yeah it is true! Internet is our present and our future which makes internet full of bloggers and other information providers – everyone needs a website for themselves that will be according to their niche. So the thing is you can make the things look the way you want. Given with a proper guidance and way out to start your things up and get going. So why won’t you love a thing that you can mold in any way you want? Or you can play with it until it looks pleasing to your sight without any hurdle.

What sort of information you will be providing here?

What latest trends you should follow or what type of cool codes you can adopt or what software you should work with as well as the ways that can earn you a competitive advantage and competitive edge over your other competitors. I will want to share with you the information and resources or assets so that you can get motivated by discovering and digging up the information. I also aim to appreciate the work of those developers who have put some real efforts in their designing and development phases just to give an idea of what things you can achieve with web designing. I will also share the best designs to inspire you for creating your own website and the latest trendy designs that are going to help you achieve the rankings you desire sooner than you’ve thought of.

What types of websites have you designed yet?

At the present, there ain’t a single category that I have not worked on, be it portfolios, or some information providing site, or a blog, or an image gallery, a video gallery; everything and each of them is different and unique designs. Some of those are running now while some of those were the ones I designed for my own practice at local host.

What is the interesting part in designing website?

Well, the interesting part is the amount of change you can bring in. Now, this means that you can change everything according to your own desires. You can do anything you want, anything you like; you are the developer, you are the designer. Make look things interesting with the right colors and right images, you can add anything you want in the way it suits you site. So these are interesting if you know the knowhow of approaching it.

Where do you feel any complicacy while designing?

So, you mean the difficult part. Well considering that, I think there is nothing difficult in this world, it is the education you have that lack the skills of approaching a situation. So if you have the right knowledge then nothing is difficult.

Apart from this, if you really want to know the complicacy then it is the small tiny itsy bitsy details that you have to work with throughout the development phase which makes it quiet time consuming. And this is nothing you can call difficult it is basically a time consuming thing if you want accuracy like hell.